Painting services are the main core of KikasDesign and it all started from it. We offer basic repair works for your daily motorcycle and we can also work with difficult multicolor designs and custom solutions. For our work we use high quality paint preparation products, paints and lacquers from PPG, Spies Hecker, Valspar and many other brands. Our long time experience has taught us what products we need to use in different cases to solve different problems to get the best and long lasting results.


KikasDesign started and got famous in Estonia by creating one of a kind 2-wheelers, painting them to custom colors. Although we offer now also basic repair works then we haven’t forgotten our true nature… our desire to customise things. We can create custom designs for race bikes and race teams. Also if you just have standard production motorcycle and want to change it to something special, then contact us… custom paint designs, custom seats, sport exhaust systems, aftermarket tuning products and so on… we can help you out and change your basic daily driver into something desirable and truly one of a kind!


Besides painting and customising we started offering high quality detailing and polishing service. We thought that if we create such a beautiful bikes then we need to help our clients to keep them clean and fresh looking even after many years. Detailing and ceramic coating is meant for both: used and brand new motorcycles. We use special high end polishing equipment from Rupes and ceramic coating products from Gyeon. Using high quality products and our long time know-how of different surfaces and materials we can offer you the best service and really ”attention to details” style of approaching… we prefer quality over quantity.



D+ is created for those who want their brand new Ducati to be special from the very first moment! You can purchase brand new bike which has our standard tuning packages or we can create entirely bespoke solution for you.


Also we offer bespoke tuning packages which will be specially made for your excisting Ducati.


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by Ingo Kikas
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