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is KikasDesign


are we?

KikasDesign is Estonian brand that offers high quality painting services. We are specialised on motorcycle painting, designing and detailing. Besides that we have created our D+Program that offers brand new Ducatis with our own personal touch and bespoke tuning to clients all over the world!


Over the years we have tested many different paint and preparation material brands and we have found the best solutions for different types of works. We use only high quality materials/paints/lacquers to offer best possible results.



KikasDesign (first original name was KickassTuning) has grown from small personal hobby and now serves private customers and also has partnered with many local motorcycle businesses – Ducati, Kawasaki, Triumph, Honda dealerships, different insurance companies and many local custom motorcycle builders.

The man behind KikasDesign is Ingo Kikas.


” It started as a hobby when I was 14 years old. Immediately I wanted to customise my first scooter and after putting lots of work hours into it, it was unofficially called as a ”most beautiful scooter in Estonia” by scooter community that time. This gave me push to dig deeper into customisation and painting topic and soon first customers showed up. It slowly got bigger and bigger and KickassTuning gained popularity in Estonia as high quality motorcycle painting brand which now services dealerships, other motorcycle builders and private customers. Now when I’m going global I decided to change the name of the brand to KikasDesign.


I like to surround myself with beautiful and special things and people. My mechanical engineering studies at Tallinn University of Technology gave me more technical and practical knowledge… but just love for aesthetics and beautiful things has driven me forward with design and beauty side of KikasDesign. I prefer quality over quantity.


are we?

We are located in Estonia, Tallinn.

KikasDesign has a two-story studio where we do disassembling and assembling of motorcycles, paint preparation works, painting, detailing and everything related to custom design works.


We have served clients from all over the world. We can arrange transportation of your motorcycle to and from our studio.